Celebrate Beauty Within: Essential Nutrient-Rich Collagen for Women

Discover Nature's Essence for Mature Radiance: The 100% Natural Blend Crafted to Enhance the Resilience and Glow of Middle-Aged Skin in Just 12 Weeks.

  • Pomegranate flavour

Collagen Shot contains a unique blend of 6 powerful and natural ingredients which are proven to work by clinical research. In 12 weeks this easy to swallow Pomegranate shot gives you:

  • 20% improvement in dermis density
  • 32% improvement in skin hydration
  • 12% improvement in skin texture
  • 14% reduction in wrinkle depth
  • 12% reduction in wrinkle volume
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  • Clinically proven effects on the skin.
  • With vitamin C, which plays a role in collagen formation.
  • With biotin, which contributes to maintaining healthy skin and hair.
  • With zinc, which contributes to maintaining healthy bones, skin, hair, and nails.
  • 20% improvement in dermis density.
  • 3.6% improvement in dermis thickness.
  • 32% improvement in skin hydration.
  • 12% improvement in skin texture.
  • 14% reduction in wrinkle depth.
  • 12% reduction in wrinkle volume.

Water, hydrolysed collagen (FISH), sweetener: xylitol (7%), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), acids: malic acid and lactic acid, flavourings, hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), preservative: potassium sorbate, zinc (zinc gluconate), colour: lycopene from red tomatoes, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), biotin (D-biotin), sweetener: sucralose.

For the Beauty Within: Dive into a Collagen Shot Filled with 6 Science-Backed Ingredients, Designed to Soften Wrinkles and Amplify Your Glow.

Youthful beauty in a bottle. Collagen shot holds the power to improve your body in many ways.


Both our Collagen shots contain a lot of collagen. 10.000 version contains 10,000 mg of hydrolysed fish collagen, and the basic version contains 5000 mg of marine collagen.


A lot of it - 1500mg to be exact. Organic sulfur, which has been used for many years in the form of dietary supplements to improve skin condition.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid

Is an excellent moisturizing substance that fills the space between collagen fibers.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C

Indispensable for the new growth of connective tissue from collagen, it plays a role in the formation of collagen for normal skin function.


Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair.


Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair, and nails.


Until now, we have been able to justify the effectiveness of our collagen based on your opinions, but from now on, we can confirm that the effects of our Collagen Shot are also clinically proven.

An independent institute has conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study. 107 women aged between 40 and 65 years participated in the clinical study. The study aimed to investigate the efficacy of our product in stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermal layer of the skin.

After 12 weeks of consuming a formulation containing 5,000 mg of collagen peptides, 1,500 MSM, and vitamin C, the results showed:

  • 20% improvement in dermis density,
  • 3.6% improvement in dermis thickness,
  • 32 % improvement in skin hydration,
  • 12 % improvement in skin texture,
  • 14% reduction in wrinkle depth and 12% reduction in wrinkle volume.

Skeptical About the Collagen Shot Tailored for Middle Age? Witness Authentic Results from Individuals Just Like You.

See how we've transformed people's lives.

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Scientifically Evaluated for Middle Age. Authentically Proven.

Experience the Peak of Midlife Radiance: Dive into Our Specially Tailored and Clinically Proven Collagen Shot!

First visible effects people see after collagen shot use.


The observation of changes in hair quality by 34% of individuals contributed to a boost in their overall health and confidence levels.


28% of individuals have reported observing changes in their skin, which have to an increase in their self-assurance and confidence.


26.5% of people who took Collagen shot experienced positive effects on their nails, such as increased strength and faster growth, as well as improved appearance.


Taking Collagen shot resulted in improved movement in the joints for 10.5% of the participants.

Clinically tested. And proven.


Effects visible after one month of using collagen shot and/or collagen shot 10.000.


A staggering 93% of individuals reported experiencing positive effects after consuming CS and/or CS10.


Collagen shots have proven to be a long-term love affair for 34% of its users, who have been using them consistently for over two years.


With double the power over Collagen shot, 45% of users have turned to Collagen shot 10.000 for their beauty and wellness needs.

Why is Our Collagen Shot Perfect for Middle-Aged Radiance?


Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Collagen Shot contains hydrolyzed collagen. This means that the process used to make Collagen Shot involves a hydrolysis process where collagen is broken down into smaller building blocks called peptides.

Peptides are more easily broken down in the digestive tract into their basic building blocks - amino acids - and are consequently more easily absorbed. Learn more about the shapes or names of collagen fibers.

Collagen shot is intended for anyone over the age of 20, so it is collagen for men and collagen for women. You may be wondering why men should take collagen. Because collagen is not just a beauty supplement, it is much more than that. Collagen for men also brings a whole range of health benefits to the body that can be helpful for both men and women. In addition to its effects on the skin, studies show that it also has positive effects on hair, joint mobility, muscle regeneration, and healthy digestion.

You could say that collagen and biotin are the perfect combination. Biotin is a vitamin that helps to maintain healthy hair, skin, and mucous membranes. It is often referred to as the beauty mineral. Although biotin deficiency is rare, it can occur and cause hair loss. The combination of collagen, biotin, vitamin C, MSM, and other active ingredients ensures more elastic skin, strong and shiny hair, and strong nails.

When the effects of the Collagen Shot start to appear depends on several factors, most importantly your age, lifestyle (stress, smoking, alcohol, prolonged exposure to the sun), and diet. The sooner you start replacing lost collagen and its building blocks, the sooner you will see results and the easier it will be to maintain the current condition of your skin, hair, and nails. Most users report that the effects of a Collagen Shot appear after the first bottle. You will most likely notice the changes first on your nails and fresher facial skin.

When the body produces less collagen at a certain age, it is very important to start eating foods that contain more antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and proteins. However, it is also advisable to replace collagen with food supplements, as the absorption of hydrolyzed collagen in the form of food supplements is 90%, while the absorption of collagen from food is about 27%.

Vitamin C is added to the supplement to improve the absorption of collagen in the body. Very quickly after a meal (after about half an hour) rich in vitamin C, six times more collagen is produced in the body than otherwise. For the new growth of connective tissue from collagen, vitamin C is indispensable. Without vitamin C and MSM, collagen formation is almost impossible.

Nails and hair are made up of keratin, which (like collagen) has a supporting function in the body. Collagen and keratin are molecules that are structural proteins. Keratins form the stratum corneum of the epidermis of the skin, while keratin in hair and nails is an appendage/extension of keratins in the epidermis of the skin. Research on the effect of

collagen on hair and nails is indeed lacking, but the fact is that collagen is rich in amino acids, which the body needs to form keratin, which is found in nails and hair. It is safe to say that Collagen Shot, with its combination of ingredients, also has an effect on the strength and growth of the nails and the appearance and accelerated growth of the hair.

It is best to take Collagen Shot on a fasting diet.

The consumption of Collagen shot has not been officially tested on pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, so please consult your chosen gynecologist or your baby's pediatrician before use.








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