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Collagen Shot

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"What if I told you you could age backwards? When you turn 20, your collagen starts to decline and that causes saggy skin and wrinkles. That's when I started using collagen shots from Gaia Natural, which is so tasty. It's a combination of pure marine collagen peptides, MSM and vitamin C. Basically an antiaging formula that was actually studied by scientists and proven to work. It's super easy to use. All you do is pour a little cup once per day and drink up. That's it. My skin routine is done. Your hair will be thicker, your nails will grow faster, and your skin will look ten years younger."

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The 100% Natural Blend Proven To Give You Visibly Younger, Firmer Skin In Just 12 Weeks


Collagen Shot contains a unique blend of 6 powerful and natural ingredients which are proven to work by clinical research. In 12 weeks this easy to swallow Pomegranate shot gives you:

  • 20% improvement in dermis density
  • 32% improvement in skin hydration
  • 12% improvement in skin texture
  • 14% reduction in wrinkle depth
  • 12% reduction in wrinkle volume


"For me personally, it's the best face cream. No greasy feeling on the skin, and the nourishing sensation lasts. I've tried some other products in between, but I keep coming back to this cream. It's top-notch!"

Emily Anderson

"I'm very satisfied. After just one month of use, I noticed an improvement in my joints, and my hair is hardly falling out anymore. The only thing I miss are more affordable promotions because it's quite expensive. Other than that, I have nothing but praise for this excellent product."

Ava Roberts

"Liked the product, my only problem was the taste as I don't like green apple taste. If it was any other taste, I would definitely be buying this option."

Benjamin Mitchell Smith

"I have used the shot for my epicondylitis which I had since almost 2 years and I couldn't get rid of. The arm is way better now and the pain almost gone after just 2 bottles! Fantastic!"

Emma Smith

"Top product!! My whole body is happy@! Will get another one!"

Sarah T.

"Gaia Naturelle Collagen Shot is a game-changer! It rejuvenates my skin, strengthens my hair, and enhances my overall beauty. Highly recommended!"

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